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Word of the Day – Scurryfunge

Scurryfunge (verb)


Old English; to rush around cleaning when company is on their way over.

Not in use much nowadays but it really should be, I scurryfunge.

Example sentences

“Putting the phone down to my neighbour, I had a quick scurryfunge before she rang the doorbell”

“Whenever my mother-in-law was due for a visit, I’d have to have a scurryfunge no matter how tidy my house was.”

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One Comment

  • chennakesava singh says:

    It is a wonderful experience to interact with words. My father used to say that every word is a living being. So they should be used carefully. That was how I got interested in etymology. Thank you for brushing up my word skills. I will go through your posts regularly to update my language. Thank you once again.

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