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Word of the Day – Sibilant

By January 8, 2022Word of the Day

Sibilant (adj)


Making or characterized by a hissing sound.

Mid 17th century from Latin sibilant- ‘hissing’, from the verb sibilare.

Example sentences

“She hissed in a sibilant whisper.”

Word of the Day – Gangle

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Gangle (verb) gan-g(e)l Move ungracefully. Early 20th century back-formation from gangling. (more…)

Word of the Day – Knoll

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Knoll (noun) nol A small hill or mound. Old English cnoll ‘hilltop’, of Germanic origin; related to German Knolle ‘clod, lump, tuber’ and Dutch knol ‘tuber, turnip’. (more…)

Word of the Day – Moonglade

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Moonglade (noun) moon-gl-ayd The track made by moonlight on water. Mid 19th century; earliest use found in James Russell Lowell (1819–1891), author and diplomat. (more…)

Word of the Day – Banish

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Banish (verb) ban-ish Send (someone) away from a country or place as an official punishment. / Get rid of (something unwanted) Late Middle English from Old French baniss-, lengthened stem…

Word of the Day – Cenacle

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Cenacle (noun) sen-akl A group of people such as a discussion group or literary clique. / The room in which the Last Supper was held. Late Middle English from Old…

Word of the Day – Solander

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Solander (noun) sol-an-der A protective box made in the form of a book, for holding such items as botanical specimens, maps, papers, etc. Late 18th century named after Daniel C.…

Word of the Day – Hoon

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Hoon (noun) (Aus/NZ) hoon A lout or hooligan, especially a young man who drives recklessly. 1930s of unknown origin. (more…)

Word of the Day – Sunder

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Sunder (verb) sun-der (literary) split apart Late Old English sundrian; related to German sondern. (more…)

Word of the Day – Parlous

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Parlous (adj) (archaic) Pa-lus Full of danger or uncertainty; precarious. Late Middle English contraction of perilous. (more…)

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