A Third ‘Paddington’ Film Is in the Works

By November 8, 2018 Adaptations, News

The first Paddington film was released in 2014 and was critically acclaimed by reviewers for bringing the marmalade-loving bear to life with the use of clever CGI. A second film was released in 2017 and was so well received that it still has a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

If you enjoyed the first two outings then you’ll be pleased to learn that a third film is currently in the works. As Collider reports, work has begun on a third installment, though Paul King, who co-wrote and directed the last two films, isn’t currently on board for a third outing do to scheduling conflicts.

The film’s producer, David Heyman stated: “I don’t think Paul King will direct the third. He did the first two – he and I are working on another project together. He’s very special, Paul. We’re developing a third Paddington. We haven’t got a script yet, we’ve got a treatment which we’re still working on.”

Those who adored the first two films shouldn’t be too worried about King’s abcense. He may not be directing, but he’s still involved with the project. Heyman continued: “Paul is involved in it, I wanted him to be involved in it because I think he’s such a significant voice, but I don’t think he’ll direct it. He worked on the idea. He comes up with the idea with Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton and then they develop it and come back for more, back and forth, and then it’ll get written and Paul will come in and stir it up a little bit. But he’s an incredible collaborator, Paul.”

It looks like the film’s creators care a great deal about making sure the third film is up to the quality of the first two. Heyman specifically stated that, should their ideas not be up to scratch, the project won’t go ahead.

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