Reddit User Discovers His Grandfather’s Image as Iconic Book Cover

By December 3, 2017Literature

Isn’t the Internet a wonderful place? Years ago you could use unlicensed old photographs and chances are that no one would ever know, but thanks to virility and online communities such as Reddit and others, things have a tendency to be discovered!

This is what one Reddit user found out when he posted a picture of his grandfather to share with others. It seems his grandfather was a bit of a lad in his day, and this image from 1949 seems to capture that perfectly.

We’ve borrowed and blown up the image, it’s a little grainy but do you know the iconic book it appears as the cover photo on?

Did you get it? Almost immediately after Reddit user jimmydadean posted the pic, someone else came along and posted the iconic Penguin Classics cover of the Outsiders by S. E Hinton, containing this exact photograph, edited and reversed.


This led to the user posting proof that the original photograph was indeed his granddad and tell a little of his grandfather’s story. In his own words:

“Some more context. When my grandfather was young he was a bit of a scoundrel. His home life was, I can only assume, terrible as he refused to talk about it. He ran away, joined a circus, a gang of youths, and was eventually arrested. He never really talked about this part of his life and he certainly wasn’t proud of it.

The judge, instead of prison, sentenced him to the equivalent of community service as a bakers apprentice (so the story goes). He has always been incredibly grateful for the opportunity to turn his life around thanks to that judge, and he did just that.

He would go on to work for Boeing, join the army, and continue baking, all while raising a family. We loved him, and he loved us. He was a good man who came from a dark place, and with one shimmer of kindness and hard work he turned his life into something amazing.”

And if his grandfather didn’t already have a pretty fascinating story, it seems that his photograph was picked up by Penguin Books, probably for some archive making the image iconic for many.

Stephen King’s ‘Misery’ Limited Editions to be Released

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Stephen King’s 1987 psychological thriller is set to be reissued as limited editions with help from artist Rick Berry.

Inspired by moments in his own life where fans have been unhappy with his work- King wrote his protagonist, Paul Sheldon, as a writer famous for Victorian-era romance novels. After a nasty car crash the author is rescued by crazed fan Annie Wilkes, who takes him to her house and forces him to write a new book in order to modify the story to her own tastes.

The reissue of the novel will be music to King’s fans’ ears, giving them an opportunity to own something truly special.

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Schools in Duluth, Minnesota Have Removed Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird from the Curriculum.

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The Duluth school district of Minnesota has decided to remove Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird due to the book’s use of racial slurs.

The two books will still be available to read in the school’s libraries but, as of next year, they will be replaced by other books that tackle the same topics in the ninth- and 11th-grade English classes. The news has been announced by the district’s director of curriculum and instruction, Michael Cary. Read More

Nicola Sturgeon – First Minister of Scotland – Bookworm

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Who knew or would even think that Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has the time to be a massive Bookworm? Well she is, and she tweets her reads with short reviews.

She is very passionate about the benefits of reading and set up The First Minister’s Reading Challenge to encourage Scottish children to read, with prizes at the end of each year. Read More

Your Literary Pets

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In the past we have shown you some of your favourite authors and their pets such as William S. Burroughs and his cat Ginger, Dorothy Parker and her dog, and Charles Dickens and his pet raven named Grip. This blog, however, is dedicated to you, our Reading Addicts, and your pets.

Animals have such a positive influence on people, and Reading Addicts are no exception. We love to read about animals in both fiction and non-fiction, and books that feature animals have proven to be so popular that they’ve inspired EIGHT of For Reading Addicts’ quizzes!

Having a furry friend by our side can be comforting and, at times, relaxing despite cats being so obsessed with sitting on books and papers… The pleasure of having your furry hot water bottle right with you releases all the right chemicals in your brain so you can relax and disappear into a book properly.

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10 Interesting Facts About Mark Twain

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Mark Twain was the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, born on the 30th of November in 1835, in the town of Florida, Missouri. The American writer is best known for the now classic works, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876), and Huckleberry Finn (1885). Interestingly, Huckleberry Finn was the first typewriter-written novel to be given to a publisher.

Quotes are often misattributed to him because of his well known wit and humour, so people tend to hear a good quip and assume it was his. Or Winston Churchill.

Growing up in the early 1900s wasn’t easy; young Sam Clemens lost many of his siblings before adulthood, and his father died of pneumonia when he was 11. This meant he had to leave school and work to support the family, however being one of the original Reading Addicts, Samuel Clemens knew he could keep learning thanks to the local library, and through invaluable life experiences.

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8 Literary References Found In Family Guy

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Fox’s animated sitcom Family Guy was created by Seth MacFarlane, with its first episode airing on January the 31st 1999. The show follows the antics of the Griffin family and their friends in Quahog, a fictional district of Rhode Island.

The dysfunctional family consists of Peter (father), Lois (mother), Chris (son), Meg (daughter), Stewie (baby son), and Brian their anthropomorphised dog.The show is known for its non-sequitur cutaway scenes, and musical numbers; each episode is a whirlwind of popular culture references, borderline offensive (and at times absolutely offensive)  jokes, and toilet humour. It is often subversive, at times intelligent, but mostly puerile nonsense (which is totally fine- no judgement!)

Having sat through quite a few Family Guy episodes myself, I have noticed its inclusion of literary references in amongst the pop culture. Here are some of what we could find on our travels through Quahog with the Family Guy gang…

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