Is Harry Potter Go coming from Niantic?

By August 26, 2016 Children's Literature, News, Video

It’s been quite the year to be a Harry Potter fan! The Cursed Child was released at the end of July, there are three ‘new’ stories coming from the Potterverse, and now the rumour mill is going mad with news of a Pokemon Go style game for Harry Potter fans!

There’s no doubt that the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go has been the big thing of the year, and now we’re hearing rumours of Harry Potter Go too! There’s been no official announcement from either the Rowling Camp, or Niantic but an unofficial trailer of the game has just gone viral on social media.

To date 55,000 people have signed an online petition in support of a Harry Potter version of the augmented reality game, and here’s the video of what it might look like. We’ll be keeping our ears close to the ground and we promise to bring you any official news as we have it!

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