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The Devil all the Time adaptation coming to Netflix

By October 3, 2020Adaptations, News, Video

Netflix is bringing Donald Ray Pollock’s The Devil All The Time to our screens.

The adaptation of The Devil All the Time is a dark thriller with an all-star cast with Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson and Sebastian Stan among the talent.

The critically acclaimed psychological drama has been described as deeply dark and full of “sinister characters” in Knockemstiff, Ohio as they struggle through their own damage caused by wartime in a troubling post-WW2 society.

Among Pollock’s disturbed characters are a war veteran whose wife is dying with cancer, a pair of serial killers, an arachnophile preacher and his sidekick who are running from the law, and an orphaned young man who grows up to be a good man who is drawn to violence.

Tom Holland plays Arvin Eugene Russel

Gripping, harrowing, and deeply dark, the adaptation is said to wipe the memories of Edward Cullen from viewers perception of Pattinson with his disturbing portrayal of the spider-wrangling preacher. Tom Holland is also taking a massive leap from his Spiderman persona by playing Arvin Eugene Russel, the inherently good but violent young man, orphaned and caught in the middle of this disturbing drama.

The movie is available on Netflix right now!

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