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Harry Potter Gets Stunning Simplistic Makeover

By January 17, 2016Children's Literature

Designer creates stunning covers for degree project

Often designers will use book art to create a portfolio, showing what they can offer to authors and sometimes those designs stand out as exceptional! Artist Kincso Nagy has recreated the Harry Potter book covers, and interiors for a BA Degree project and they are absolutely outstanding!

I’m a sucker for a pretty cover and am known to have several copies of some of my favourite books, and right now I have some major cover envy!

These also have a little magic on the inside too, as shown in this picture.

The simple covers are black laser cut paper with simple cut out symbols representing each book, from the stone from the Philosopher’s Stone to the snake for the Chamber of Secrets and even the Deathly Hallows. The black covers really capture the brooding magic of the books and the magic is, they glow in the dark too!

In addition to the cover illustrations, each book is completed with artwork inside, that folds out revealing more of the picture in an interactive way, and the illustrations are absolutely stunning! Nagy states on that the covers will never be published, they are simply for her portfolio, so she asks people not to get in touch, but we can still admire from a distance and long for these stunning designs on our bookshelves.

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