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Writing tips from Stephen King, C.S Lewis and 13 other writers

We’ve all experienced the blank feeling as you sit down, pen poised, ready to write the next masterpiece.

Whether it’s your new lockdown writing hobby, an assignment for college or even a heartfelt birthday message, writer’s block can strike at any time. So who better to turn to for advice and inspiration than some of the most celebrated writers throughout history.

To help anyone that wants to improve their penmanship, Ivory Research delved into the tricks, habits and convictions that shaped the writing styles of the most famous authors, picked out the most valuable lessons and revealed how their methods can be applied. With lessons from:

➢ Toni Morrison
➢ Stephen King
➢ C.S. Lewis
➢ Joyce Carol Oates
➢ George Orwell
➢ John Grisham
➢ Octavia E. Butler
➢ Haruki Murakami
➢ Jonathan Franzen
➢ Elmore Leonard
➢ Janet Fitch
➢ Jack Hart
➢ Wisława Szymborska
➢ John McPhee
➢ Martin Amis

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