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Game of Thrones Inspired Bar Comes to Edinburgh!

The Pop-Up Geeks are a UK events team full of inspired nerdy types. They are currently based in Edinburgh, and love nothing more than entertaining their fellow geeks with themed boozing. Their latest venture is a pop-up in Scotland’s beautiful Edinburgh, inspired by the George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones series.

Popping up at Daylight Robbery in Edinburgh, every Wednesday and Thursday in January 2017, Blood and Wine brings a taste of Westeros to the table. There is a cool, wintery Icelandic vodka, handcrafted whiskies, and blood-red wines. They offer a range of wines from all over the Seven Kingdoms, or something a little stronger with Arbor Gold, The Imp’s Delight, Old Bears’ Hot Spiced Wine and Black Tar Rum.

The Knight’s Vault helps give the bar a real sense of Westeros, with replica swords, helmets and shields, handcrafted and bespoke adorn the walls and bar. A Song of Fire and Ice inspired Pop-Up Geeks to source authentic pieces and quality spirits, it’s enough to really envelop you in the atmosphere!

We would love to hear from anyone who has experienced the bar for themselves, and if you are nearby pop in during the week and let us know what it is like!

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  • game of thrones s07e07 says:

    What if Ser Jorah, if danerys becomes a villan and burning everything, will kill his sword might be lightbringer

    Game of Thrones s07e07 Download

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