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Abridged version of Boris Johnson’s very racist novel is on Twitter

By November 25, 2019Literature, News, Political

Boris Johnson, Tory MP, has written several books mostly pertaining to British history, but one fictional piece has caused some controversy.

72 Virgins was published in 2005 but this year a Twitter account decided to abridge the novel. Described as a ‘comic political novel’ akin to the genius minds of Ben Elton or Stephen Fry, the book follows a visit from the US president and some random events surrounding his stay.

Reviews for the novel aren’t kind, and the positive ones are bordering on sycophantic, blinded by long words they assume are ‘clever and witty’. It is clear the novel was written by someone who lives for stereotyping others- especially non-white males- and contains very immature ‘punching down’ humour- and to quote one 5-star review: “Proud to be British and not PC”. Yikes.

Twitter decided this year was the year we should all be subjected to Boris Johnson’s terrible fiction by abridging the sloppy plot and derogatory (racist, ableist, and sexist) language.

There are references to “Islamic headcases” and “Islamic nutcases”; Arabs who have “hook noses” and “slanty eyes”; one lad is called “coffee-coloured”; with mentions of “pikeys” and people who are “half-caste”. Women are described as having “lustrous eyes”, “long legs”, “good teeth and blonde hair” and the weirdest description “a mega-titted six-footer”.


Some extracts:

Follow this link to read 72 Virgins: Abridged

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