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YouTuber hits out at unofficial and misleading biographical book

By March 13, 2020Culture, News, Video

YouTuber Markiplier has hit out against an unofficial biography released containing inaccurate information about him.

Markiplier is one of the most popular names on YouTube with content reaching 25 million subscribers, and reaching beyond the confines of online success to broader media.

Alongside the fame has appeared some unwanted attention, with book entitled ‘Top Video Gamers in the World – Mark Markiplier Fischbach’ published without the YouTuber’s permission.

The popular YouTube star was made aware of the book after a friend bought it for him as a joke. After reading the book he soon realised it was full of inaccurate and misleading information, including some speculation about his father’s death.

Markiplier recorded himself reading through the book, pointing out exaggerations and speculations- reaching 17 falsehoods versus 13 ‘technically correct’ pieces of information presented in the book.

Markiplier told viewers he is “not sure” what he’s going to do with regards to the book, but did mention contacting his lawyers as he needed advice on the “legality” of writing a biography without permission or acknowledgement.

Markiplier’s video is a tongue-in-cheek reading of the book where the YouTuber “hunts for the inaccuracies”, calling out the author Wolny on much of the misinformation in the book.

“I think what happened is they just watched my ‘Draw My Life’,” he said. “Because they’re literally only referencing my ‘Draw My Life’, which at this point is outdated information. I made that video in like 2013.”

Markiplier was also critical of the parts in the book speaking of his father’s death, describing that he feels the author “filled in the gaps” and guessed any emotions he may have been feeling.

As far as unofficial biographies are concerned, there is little Markiplier can do, however it is up to him and his lawyer to explore whether it is worth pursuing any case of defamation.

The book may be full of grammatical errors and badly written inaccuracies but unless it defames any individuals there won’t be much anyone can do about it. You can’t sue for a badly written book. Unfortunately.

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