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QUIZ! Six Years of Quizzes: Closing Lines – which work does the quote belong to?

Late January sees the 6th anniversary of me writing quizzes for For Reading Addicts. Since then I have written over 800 quizzes, 2 quiz books and run out of ideas! This series of mini-quizzes goes back to the very beginning taking old ideas but with some modern updates thrown into the mix. Enjoy.

We’ve also just turned our best quizzes into a book that you can keep! Take our quizzes home, or purchase it as a gift for a friend.


  • Question of

    So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

    • The Great Gatsby
    • A Farewell to Arms
  • Question of

    No one can take this from her. This book is hers alone.

    • American Dirt
    • Girl A
  • Question of

    “Are there any questions?”

    • The Handmaid’s Tale
    • Birdsong
  • Question of

    Matter of fact, I think this the youngest us ever felt.

    • The Color Purple
    • Beloved
  • Question of

    He feels for an opening, blinded, looking for a door: tracking the light along the wall.

    • The Mirror and the Light
    • Wolf Hall
  • Question of

    They know because they’ve seen it happen.

    • Rodham
    • The President’s Daughter
  • Question of

    Tell your father I said at the very least, the two of them owe me a song. Love, Mum.

    • Daisy Jones and the Six
    • Wilder and Me
  • Question of

    …and into the night of his very own room where he found his supper waiting for him—and it was still hot.

    • Where the Wild Things Are
    • The Magician’s Nephew
  • Question of

    He was soon borne away by the waves and lost in darkness and distance.

    • Frankenstein
    • Orlando
  • Question of

    He is coming, and I am here.

    • The Time Traveller’s Wife
    • Dracula

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