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Favourite Library Scenes on Television

By October 7, 2016April 1st, 2019Libraries, Television

There is a long list of famous library scenes in movies but what about the smaller screen? Television has also given us access to some wonderful libraries, sparky librarian characters, and memorable scenes amongst the books. Take a peek at some of our favourites, and see if you can think of any we have forgotten.

Sunnydale High School Library

Sunnydale High School boasts our first choice of TV library with many-a-shenanigan occurring between those shelves. It may be sat on a Hellmouth but it is still one of the classiest school libraries we have seen. Buffy Summers and the rest of the ‘scooby gang’ regularly use the library to pore over ancient texts in preparation for some serious demon ass-kicking.

The Library Planet

In 2008 the BBC introduced us to a new library… A 51st century library encompassing an entire planet. The Doctor and Donna Noble discover this astounding library containing all the information in the universe but it is seemingly deserted… They soon realise there is trouble in the darkness, and start having to count their shadows…

HEY! Who turned out the lights?!

Pawnee Public Library

Pawnee Public Library is run by Pawnee Library Department, a “diabolical, ruthless bunch of bureaucrats” according to Leslie Knope of the Parks and Recreation Department. Ron’s evil, manipulative ex-wife heads the team, furthering the bitter rivalry between the government departments, as they fight over Lot 48.

Gotham City Library

In the classic 1960s Batman series with Adam West, Barbara Gordon (played by Yvonne Craig) is a librarian in Gotham City Library by day, and by night… She is Batgirl! This feisty librarian shows how multi-skilled seemingly quiet book lovers can be. Barbara possesses a high intellect and photographic memory as well as being a star athlete, training in judo and karate.

Westfield High School Library

American Horror Story’s first season, dubbed ‘Murder House’, sees Tate Langdon (played by Evan Peters) horrifically murder 15 of his fellow students in Westfield High School’s library in a twisted fantasy/memory… American Horror Story received some negative reactions to this scene as it hit too close to home for many who had been affected by school shootings in America.

Rare Books Library

Mr Bean, the classic British comedy character, was involved in yet another ridiculous catastrophe in ‘The Library’. Mr Bean visits a rare book library and for some strange reason the librarian lets him loose with an ancient book. After accidentally marking the book, his attempts to correct it get steadily worse and ruin the book completely. He almost gets away with it but is caught when retrieving his Dennis the Menace and Gnasher bookmark!

Library Card

A list of favourite TV library scenes wouldn’t be complete without this wonderful little number from Arthur. The song is featured in the episode “Arthur’s Almost Live Not Real Music Festival”, where Arthur and his friend Buster hold an imaginary music festival with songs based on themselves, their lives, and the local library. Writers perhaps hoped that children who watched would be encouraged to sign up for their first library card and enjoy a host of new adventures!

That’s it for the list so far, I hope you have enjoyed a trip down memory lane! Tell us if think of any of your favourite library scenes on television you would see added to the list.

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  • Snow Ford says:

    Arthur’s “Library Card” for the win!!!

  • David says:

    Check out Read Or Die, and it’s follow up, Read Or Dream.

  • Tarissa says:

    Yep! The Library Planet has got to be the best one — I mean… it’s a WHOLE PLANET… that is a LIBRARY!! But, it’s closely followed by a favorite from my childhood days: when Arthur got his library card. Those were the good days. 🙂

  • Deanna Hale says:

    How about the Syfy The Librarians? It was an awesome Library source!

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