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Facebook us a Bookface

By March 25, 2015Your Photos

We’ve seen you on Facebook, now we want to see your Bookface! Yes, I’ve gone a bit mad again, I love your #Shelfies, and it’s your submissions that really make the page, so when Reading Addict, Nathan House showed me the Bookface fun running at his local library, I did what all the great artists do and stole the idea.

I can almost hear you muttering ‘what is she talking about now?’, and so I roped in another of the addicts, Shan Williams to take a picture to explain what I mean. Grab your favourite book, or at least your favourite book with a face on the cover, and send us your Bookface, submissions by email titled Bookface to [email protected] please.

Here’s Shan showing us her Bookface:


And here’s her son joining in the fame:


Now we want yours! Title your email Bookface and send it over and we’ll add yours to the album too, hopefully with some very funny and very interesting results!

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One Comment

  • Lydia Mathis says:

    What a great idea! It took me a few minutes to decide but I chose a favorite that sat on my coffee table a few years ago. I had forgotten how wonderful it was until I pulled it from my bookshelf! Back to the coffee table it goes!

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