The Books Caitlin Moran Says Made her a Feminist

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Caitlin Moran spoke to Penguin books recently about the books she loves, and feminism. She starts her interview with a mention of fellow author and feminist Gloria Steinem who says the book Little Women changed her life because it was the first time she realised women could be a whole human world.

Caitlin agrees, and goes on step further, giving this piece of advice for young girls ‘Girls, don’t read any books by men. Don’t read them. Stay away from them. Or, at least, don’t read them until you’re older, and fully-formed, and battle-ready, and are able to counter someone being rude to you, in conversation, not with silent embarrassment, or internalised, mute fury, but a calm, “Fuck you very much, and goodbye.”.’

A homeschooled child, Moran says she was able to choose her own reading material as a child and gravitated to books by female authors, and as part of the interview she gave a list of the books she loved growing up. You can see the list here:

Caitlin also said a lot more about being a women, about feminism, and of course about her love of books. You can read the full interview here.

The author’s own book about feminism, part memoir, part rant is called How To Be A Woman and you can read a review for that here.

Speed Reading: Words Per Minute

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Ever wondered how much we read each day? From the newspaper to work mails, study material to invoices and books- all this amounts to reading being a huge part of our life ever since we learnt to read. All this reading material obviously takes up a lot of our time too. And in today’s high speed world, most people are looking for a way to save time and increase their reading speed so they can get more work done in a short span.

Speed Reading, as the name suggests, is a technique used to improve our pace of reading. You look at a word or several words. This is known as fixation. You move your eye to the next word. This is called a saccade. Then, you pause to comprehend the entire sentence you just looked at. Adding all these fixations, saccades and comprehension pauses together, the average human reading speed would amount to about 250-350 words per minute. So it would take about a minute or two to read a regular document. Read More

FRA Admin Reads: April 2017

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We’re into a new month, and now it’s time for that feature where you learn a little about us, as we feature our admin reads from the last month. When we’re not busy writing articles and reviews, we’re all usually found with our noses in a book, and here we round up what we’ve all been reading each month.

We love hearing about your reads too, and we’ll bring you the Hit of the Lits readers’ chart very soon, but for now here are our admin reads, the books we’ve loved (and hated) from the last month. Read More

The History of the Bookmark: No More Dog Ears!

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Being die-hard book lovers, we generally hate dog-eared pages or overturned books left flat open to keep us from losing the page we paused reading on. This obviously causes damage to the book spine. And though we are really optimistic about remembering page numbers, we may fail to recollect whether we were to begin reading again from page 112 or 121. No wonder the bookmark is a bookworm’s partner in crime. Read More

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