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All the Books from ‘You’ Season 1

By February 8, 2019Adaptations, News

Has anyone been watching You on Netflix? Not only is it adapted from a book of the same name (see right), but it’s actually set in a bookshop and is wall to wall with rare books, new releases, books, books, books, and did we mention books? There’s a bit of serious creepiness thrown in too for good measure and we have to say it makes great television!

Every episode features more books! So today we’re putting together a list of all the books from the first season of You. Even if you’re not inspired to read them all, it may inspire you to watch the show or read the book it’s based on.


Season 1: Episode 1 (Pilot)

Season 1: Episode 2 (The Last Nice Guy in New York)

Season 1: Episode 3 (Maybe)

Season 1: Episode 4 (The Captain)

No specific books were mentioned in this episode but the episode did feature a Dickens festival!

Complete Works of Dickens

Season 1: Episode 5 (Living With the Enemy)

Season 1: Episode 6 (Amor Fou)

As the title suggests, things took a gripping turn with this episode, but sadly no new books were shown.

Season 1: Episode 7 (Everythingship)

Season 1: Episode 8 (You Got Me, Babe)

Season 1: Episode 9 (Candace)

Season 1: Episode 10 (Bluebeard’s Castle)

Thanks to Catherine for taking her eyes off the action and documenting all the books that appeared in You. We borrowed this list from her blog over at Booksbird.

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