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The Book Helping Children off to Sleep

By April 7, 2016Children's Literature

The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep is using science to help children sleep

When my children were small Seuss’ book of sleep was a regular in our bedtime routine but now there’s a new children’s book helping children off to sleep and it’s turning out to be quite the bestseller. The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep is written by Swedish author and behavioural scientist, Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin and uses science to help children off to sleep.

Any parent to young children will know how precious every hour of sleep is, it’s thought that the average parent loses 16 nights of sleep a month when children are aged 0-3, and bedtime can be a trial in every home.

What the book does is give suggestions to a child’s unconscious mind that it’s time to sleep and uses a special language pattern and sleepy characters such as Uncle Yawn to get children into the sleepy mood. I’m yawning just typing this, which shows maybe that some of us are more susceptible to this technique than others, and it may not work on all children.

However, judging by the Amazon reviews, we’d say the book is pretty successful in helping children into a bedtime routine, and if life at bedtime in your house is stressful and hectic, this could be the answer! It’s already well documented that bedtime reading is relaxing and builds a good childhood routine, and so surely all the better if that book is tailored for the occasion too!

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