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10 of the worst book covers of all time

By March 7, 2020Literature, News

Book covers decisions can be tricky- do you fork out for a professional designer or attempt it yourself? Will your budget allow for decent artwork or can you only afford something created by a blindfolded person drawing on MS Paint using the tip of their nose?

The following 10 book cover designs are surprising, in a bad way. Surprising how the author allowed their work to be covered in a pictured drawn by a colourblind toddler.

Perhaps we are being a tad harsh- some of these designs could be inaccessibly high art and maybe we are not classy enough or arty enough to understand…

We will let you decide.

1. Found him! He’s standing right there.

2. Well… That certainly spoiled my journey before it even began.

3. Blame the fact one butt cheek is plumper than the other.

4. Someone is working through some issues, I think.

5. Say NO to Matura MT Script! ALWAYS.

6. Tempted to blind myself after seeing this monstrosity.

7. Serial killer font- check, MS Paint illustration- CHECK!

8. Keep that freaky hand away from my moon!

9. Well now I’m going to be haunted by the memory of this terrible book cover.

10. You know when you misplace something on purpose because you hate it? Well…

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