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More Favourite Library Scenes on Television

By April 2, 2017Libraries, Television

After the success of our previous list of Favourite Library Scenes on Television, and with further suggestions from our wonderful Reading Addicts, we have come up with yet more TV libraries to dream about. We have had Sunnydale High’s school library, Gotham City Library, Pawnee Library, and more… But you let us know which we had forgotten, some of which I couldn’t believe I had neglected to mention! Which had been left out..?

Let’s see, shall we?

The Men of Letters Bunker Library from Supernatural

Sam and Dean Winchester discovered the Men of Letters bunker in Season 8, and lucky for them there is a library inside with”every object, scroll, spell ever collected for thousands of years under one roof… the safest place on earth, warded against any evil ever created.” I wouldn’t mind having a look around, as long as Dean is there to *ahem* help me…

The Library from The Librarians TV Show

This fantasy-adventure TV series is popular with our Reading Addicts, and I intend to jump on this bandwagon very soon! For those of you already up to speed with this library-based series, there is a tie-in novel, The Librarians and the Lost Lamp, written by Greg Cox, and published in 2016. The novel follows The Librarians as they attempt to find Aladdin’s lamp…

Wolfram and Hart’s Library from Angel

Founded in 1791 over holy ground, and located in the slightly less mystical Los Angeles, the inter-dimensional law firm Wolfram and Hart, L.A branch, boasts an impressive library… It holds every conceivable book ever imagined, and just by picking up an apparently blank volume and speaking the name of the desired book, the text would appear on the pages. Magic!

The Library at Downton Abbey

The Downton library is one of the main rooms on the ground floor, and is at its most cosy when the fire is lit and the family members are settled in comfy chairs with their books. The family’s patriarch, Lord Robert Grantham, uses the library to write his letters as well as to meet with others. It was, according to the Dowager Countess of Grantham, built by the 4th Earl who loved books. Personally I’d love a few moments in there with a cup of breakfast tea, the Dowager Countess, and her infamous snarky remarks.

The Library in the Citadel from Game of Thrones

Located in Oldtown, with the entrance flanked by giant stone sphinxes, the Citadel is home to an impressive library. It is the headquarters of the Order of the Maesters, advisory scholars who counsel the lords of the Seven Kingdoms on all matters medical, scientific, and historical. The Citadel is also where young men are trained to become maesters, and is where Samwell Tarly goes to become one himself. I imagine it was very exciting for Sam, seeing the library floors stretching above and below him: the largest library in their world.

The TARDIS’s Library from Doctor Who

In the Doctor Who episode “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” with the 11th Doctor, we finally get to see the library hidden within the amazing blue box. The episode has Clara trapped, the TARDIS on the edge of exploding, and the Doctor ready and willing to save the day yet again! Annoyingly we don’t get to see many of the titles the Doctor holds in his library but I am sure it is an expansive collection. Now, I won’t give any spoilers as some of you may not have seen the episode but let me tell you- there is a lot of edge-of-your-seat drama, and the Doc’s trademark running!

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