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Sylvia Plath – The Fig Tree – From The Bell Jar

By May 1, 2015October 26th, 2017Literature, The Classics

I love the Bell Jar and it would definitely be on my recommended reading list and possibly in my top 10 books ever (depending on my mood when you asked me of course). Sylvia Plath had such an amazing talent and if you haven’t yet read any of her works then you really should do so.

I stumbled across this fantastic piece of artwork yesterday from Zen Pencils, who has illustrated The Fig Tree, part of the main book. As well as capturing the essence perfectly, and bringing this beautiful tale to life, this is absolutely adorable. The melancholy of the book and that particular passage has been perfectly captured here in this series of images.

When we are young, decisions are hard, dedication seems to take twice as much sweat and distractions are many. As we age, often things can slip through our fingers without us realising, suddenly doors have closed so quietly behind us that we didn’t even hear them shut. Anyway, I’ll leave it to Sylvia Plath and Zen Pencils, they say it much better than I ever could.

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