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How to Invest in Rare Books

By July 24, 2016Video

I am a second hand book shop moocher, I trawl charity shops and junk shops looking through their shelves in the hope of someday finding a copy of a rare book that I have been searching for for almost two decades; to date all in vain but I will not give up.

I would love to collect rare books, I’d love to invest in rare books but what I think is rare is not necessarily genuinely rare and I admit I don’t know how to invest in rare books.

One misconception we often see is from those believe they have a valuable first edition Harry Potter novel; unfortunately unless you have a first edition, first print copy of The Philosopher’s Stone, these books were printed in their hundreds of thousands and are as rare as the proverbial doggie doings. In fact modern day first editions are not rare at all unless you happen to have been one of those people who buy previously unpublished authors and chance upon the next J.K Rowling, other than that, you will be looking at older books and the video below tells you just what it is you need to look out for.

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