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29 Brilliant Literary Tattoos

By May 17, 2015August 6th, 2021Your Photos

I posted a picture a few days ago of a literary tattoo, prompting many of you to share your own creations! So many of you sent in pictures that I put out a shout out for some more and now we have a pretty impressive collection. If you’re thinking of getting a literary tattoo yourself, let these be some inspiration to you!

Just as an aside I don’t have any tattoos myself, although I always promised myself that if I ever became a published author I’d have a semi-colon tattooed on my middle toe. There’s still time, right?

Submitted by Elin Tizihssane

Submitted by Kaitlynn Horton

Submitted by Don Mirjanian

Submitted by Marie Winslow Finnegan

Submitted by Miryam E. Flores Perez

Submitted by Stephanie Leadbetter

Submitted by Leanor Joyner

Submitted by Linda Oaks

Submitted by Cindy D’Anna Salmon

Submitted by Paul Sutcliffe Boardman

Submitted by Michella Digel

Submitted by Nivedita Korke

Submitted by Lisa B PappaGeorgio

Submitted by Christina Cooper

Submitted by Sara Neussendorfer

Submitted by Janice Santiago Alcarde

Submitted by Lauren Schlaff

This trio of pictures were submitted by Helen McNamara

Submitted by Heather Gordon-Cotterill

Submitted by Melissa Eagles

Submitted by Shannon Rogers

This selection was submitted by Vix Ellen

Submitted by Lauren Kelly

I’m letting Jane Austen have the last word!

I hope you enjoyed those, I certainly enjoyed putting the blog together. You’ll notice I didn’t include any of the literary references for the more obscure ones, I know how you like a challenge!

Thank you to each and every one of you who submitted a photograph, you really make For Reading Addicts what it is.

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One Comment

  • Jan says:

    Never too late. I’m in my 60’s and recently added two tattoos. I only have one other. One of the new ones is if the Cheshire Cat, eyes, nose and grin on inside if wrist.

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