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10 Reasons Cats are Better Reading Companions than Dogs

By September 30, 2016August 7th, 2019Reading Habits, Your Photos

A few days ago Kath wrote a blog about dogs and reading, she erroneously claimed that dogs make the best reading companions and gave ten reasonably compelling reasons as to why that is. Well I am sorry but I beg to differ; Cats rule!

From the moment they arrive in your home as a tiny bundle of fluff and claws, or a concerned older rescue hoping that they have finally found their forever home cats are the perfect reading companion for everyone.

Instagram agrees with me (of course) and to prove their superiority here are 10 reasons cats are better reading companions than dogs.

Like you they hate nothing more than being interrupted when in the middle of a really good book.

They make a purrfect page holder.

A photo posted by Caeli (@closecaeli) on

They appreciate the importance of book sniffing.

A photo posted by Mandy Lou (@nihil_sed_tempus) on

Head massage anybody?

Cats won’t judge you for wanting to read one more chapter then waking up with book print on your face.

A photo posted by The Tiny Wren (@thetinywren) on

That book on the top shelf you want to read? The cat’s got it for you.

They will never tell you they’ve already read it.

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They hang on every word you read to them.

They live for Sunday morning snuggles in bed with a good book.

Admin Edit: Meet Glitch my reading companion and fluff monster.

I’m sorry I can’t come out to play tonight; my cat has curled up on my lap and gone to sleep and I cannot move.

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