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Thug Notes – Wuthering Heights

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As regulars to the site will know, we’re quite the fan of the Thug Notes series on You Tube where Wisecrack reviews classic literature in true thug style. Wisecrack has tackled some of the greatest tomes, breaking them down into sizeable chunks and discussing them in a way that these classics have never been discussed.

Today we’re featuring Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, and Wisecrack has Heathcliff all worked out! The video is below, listen to Wuthering Heights reviewed like never before! Read More

25 GIFs Only Reading Addicts Will Appreciate

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We know how much you love to laugh so we have created 25 GIFs especially for our Reading Addicts.

Some will produce a wry smile, others will make you shout “I KNOW, RIGHT?!” and many will make you laugh out loud. They are of varying sizes and themes but all will tickle you in some way or other.

We hope you will find a GIF for every bookish eventuality: if not let us know what we have missed and we shall endeavour to produce more funnies for you!

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TSA Considers Banning Books from Carry-On Luggage

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First they came for your laptops, and no one spoke out and now they’re coming for the printed word as the TSA considers banning books and all printed materials from carry on luggage on flights. This would mean travellers would be forced to hand over their paperbacks at the start of each journey.

The laptop rule has been in a while now, forcing travellers to put their laptops into bins as they go through security, to be picked up at the other end. Now as an extra security measure, the TSA is trialling the removal of all paper literature, including books in the same way. Read More

8 Books J. K Rowling Recommends

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We all love the Harry Potter books created by J. K Rowling and many adult readers have also been enthralled by the Cormoran Strike series by the author, written under pseudonym Robert Galbraith. In fact, Jo Rowling is responsible for writing many of our favourite books, but what are her favourites?

Over the years at various interviews, press releases and readings, Rowling has talked about her own love of literature and has recommended many books that she loves. Today we’re going to feature eight of those books and the reasons the author loves them so. Read More

11 Books About Science Bill Gates Recommends

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This week the UK Business Insider put together a list of eleven books with a science theme that Bill Gates that recommends. Gates is often seen recommending books on his blog and we’ve twice featured his summer reading lists, he often reads within the nonfiction and science genres so if you’re a fan then these recommendations should be good.

In typical Gates reading style, many of the books are nonfiction, but not all. Here are eleven books about science that Bill Gates Recommends: Read More

Che Guevara’s Reading List

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Ernesto “Che” Guevara (14th of June 1928 to 9th of October 1967) was a major figure of the Cuban Revolution, and has since become a pervasive symbol of counterculture and rebellion in popular culture. He became radicalised by the poverty and unfair treatment he witnessed as he travelled Latin America. Che has since become a polarised figure in the collective imagination in a multitude of biographies, songs, and films.

Che was a well read and well travelled, intelligent man who often found mental refuge in literature. His reading list offers an insight into the deep thinking man he was, and reflects much of his ideals.

His choice of reading material influenced him greatly and makes for a fascinating list. We have compiled 10 of the most interesting of Che Guevara’s choices for your enjoyment and interest…

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FRA Admin Reads: June 2017

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The best bit about being part of any reading group is getting recommendations, and so our admin reads section serves a double purpose. You get to know us a little better, and you get to find out what we’re reading and get some recommendations too.

Another month has whizzed by and the weather is getting warmer here in the UK, so we’re all looking forward to some long and hazy reading days! And without further ado, here are the books that we’ve loved over the past month. Read More

FRA Admin Reads: May 2017

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The best bit about being part of any reading group is getting recommendations, and so our admin reads section serves a double purpose. You get to know us a little better, and you get to find out what we’re reading and get some recommendations too.

April has just flown by but summer will soon be upon us and lazy days reading sound just perfect! Despite a busy month we did manage to read a few books between us, and so without further ado here are the books we loved over the last month. Read More

Speed Reading: Words Per Minute

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Ever wondered how much we read each day? From the newspaper to work mails, study material to invoices and books- all this amounts to reading being a huge part of our life ever since we learnt to read. All this reading material obviously takes up a lot of our time too. And in today’s high speed world, most people are looking for a way to save time and increase their reading speed so they can get more work done in a short span.

Speed Reading, as the name suggests, is a technique used to improve our pace of reading. You look at a word or several words. This is known as fixation. You move your eye to the next word. This is called a saccade. Then, you pause to comprehend the entire sentence you just looked at. Adding all these fixations, saccades and comprehension pauses together, the average human reading speed would amount to about 250-350 words per minute. So it would take about a minute or two to read a regular document. Read More