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10 Extreme Places to Read A Book

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Have you ever caught someone reading a book in an unusual place?

On a bungee jump, in the middle of a rave, or even upside down in a swimming pool?

Extreme reading is a very real thing, and maybe it is time for some of us to get in on the action!

Take a look at some of these examples we have found on the world wide web…

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Literature Survey Suggests 75% of Brits are Readers

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The Royal Society of Literature has used research company Ipsos MORI to collate information, setting out to find out how much British residents know about literature. The study is complete and the findings have been published and they make for interesting reading.

Apparently, Brits think of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and J.K. Rowling when they think of great English writers, but worryingly 20% of people surveyed couldn’t name a writer of literature at all. Read More

FRA Admin Reads: March 2017

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We love hearing about what you’re reading for our regular Hit of the Lits chart, and once a month we also give you a chance to see what we’ve been reading over the past month. It’s a chance to get to know each other, in the most literary way, and to get some reading suggestions as you go. Read More

Fictional Characters Can Bleed into Our Lives, Study Reports

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A great book can leave a lasting impression on a reader for the rest of their lives. It’s not uncommon to hear people describe a certain as having changed their lives and we often become almost as attached to the characters we meet in books as we do our real friends and family. Despite all this, it’s still quite surprising to learn that a recent study has found fictional characters seem to be able to seep into our real lives. Read More

Vandal Teenagers Ordered to Read Books Themed Around Racism

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And the 35 Books He Handed Down in Sentencing

An unusual but thoughtful punishment has been sentenced to a group of five teenagers who were found guilty of vandalizing a historic African American schoolhouse with racist, antisemitic, and obscene graffiti. A judge in Virginia has ordered the offenders to read 35 books and watch 14 films that are themed around racism. They have also been told to visit two museums and then write a paper in order to encourage “a greater appreciation for gender, race, religion, and bigotry.” Read More