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Fictional Characters Can Bleed into Our Lives, Study Reports

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A great book can leave a lasting impression on a reader for the rest of their lives. It’s not uncommon to hear people describe a certain as having changed their lives and we often become almost as attached to the characters we meet in books as we do our real friends and family. Despite all this, it’s still quite surprising to learn that a recent study has found fictional characters seem to be able to seep into our real lives. Read More

Vandal Teenagers Ordered to Read Books Themed Around Racism

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And the 35 Books He Handed Down in Sentencing

An unusual but thoughtful punishment has been sentenced to a group of five teenagers who were found guilty of vandalizing a historic African American schoolhouse with racist, antisemitic, and obscene graffiti. A judge in Virginia has ordered the offenders to read 35 books and watch 14 films that are themed around racism. They have also been told to visit two museums and then write a paper in order to encourage “a greater appreciation for gender, race, religion, and bigotry.” Read More

Most Borrowed UK Library Books: 2015-2016

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The Girl on the Train was first published back in January 2015 and has since become a huge hit. Not only did the novel debut at No. 1 in the New York Times bestseller list, it remained there for 13 weeks straight.

By March of 2015 the psychological thriller had sold over a million copies and by October of 2016, over 15 million copies had been sold worldwide. The book was once again hurled into the mainstream when a film adaptation starring Emily Blunt was released in late 2016. It certainly looks like the book has struck a chord. Read More

FRA Admin Reads: February 2017

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Well that seemed to be the longest January ever, so you’d think we’d have got time to read plenty of books! It’s that time of the month where we share our admin reads from the previous month. The whole FRA admin team loves to read but we all love different stuff, and so here’s what we read, what we loved, and didn’t, over the last month!

As always we want to hear what you think too, and our monthly readers chart will be up in the next few days so we can see what you’ve been reading too!

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Bill Gates Names His Favourite Reads of 2016

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Bill Gates is an avid reader and reading advocate, he says he reads about 50 books a year. He’s worth a whopping $75 billion, and is clearly a busy man, yet he obviously realises the importance of being well read.

Every summer Bill Gates releases his summer reading list and it’s always an interesting list but on his blog this week he’s released a list of his favourite books of 2016. He says reading books is his favourite way of finding out about a new topic, and since childhood, he’s read on average a book a week. Read More

Five Children’s Books that Michelle Obama Adores

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When it comes to First Ladies you would be hard pressed to find one more loved and more accessible then the wife of the outgoing president Barack Obama. Rather than merely being the woman who just so happened to be married to the most powerful man on the planet, Michelle Obama stepped out of her husband’s shadow and became a much admired and adored woman in her own right and she rocked. Read More

Famous Five Brexit Parody Tops UK Book Charts for Christmas

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The official top 50 book chart for the festive season is always interesting to look at, mostly because it’s one of the few weeks that the chart isn’t decided by readers. All year the chart reflects the books that readers are buying, and therefore some of the best recommendations, but over the festive period the chart tends to number the books bought for readers as Christmas gifts. Read More