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Four Tips to Help You Read More

By January 23, 2019February 7th, 2019Inspired by Literature, Reading Habits

Reading is one of the best ways to relax, de-stress and lose yourself in a world of your choosing. Whether you enjoy thrillers, romances or non-fiction, reading is something we should all do more of. Many of us are guilty of spending too much time looking at our screens when we could be spending our time more wisely finishing that book that’s been collecting dust at our bedside. If you are losing touch with the reading bug, here are four tips to help you read more.

Find Your Quiet Place

Many people cannot concentrate on a book when there are distractions and if you are one of them it can be hard to find time to read. Whether your kids are coming in and out of the room or you have something else on your mind, it becomes difficult to take in what you are reading. This might not just be a quiet place, but more a quiet time, for example, when the kids have gone to bed. Many people choose the bath as their quiet place to unwind with their book. Set the mood with an Oxford Library candle, made especially for book lovers!

Read What You Want

This is the mistake many of us make; reading because someone has recommended the book or because you think it may be good for you. If you have no interest in the book you are reading it becomes a chore rather than an enjoyable activity. If you begin reading a book and don’t like it, nobody is pressuring you to finish. Don’t make reading a task that you need to tick off your list each day, instead, read books that you find interesting.

Set Yourself a Deadline

Although reading, as stated above, shouldn’t be a chore you need to tick off, setting a deadline can help you get more into a book. If you borrow a book from the library, you get a date that this needs to be returned by. This makes you finish it faster and spend more time on it as you know it needs to be taken back. If you set yourself a deadline for finishing the book you may find you start naturally reading more.

Start Searching for More Books as You Are Reading

Whilst reading you should be gripped until the last word. In the same way, making a reading list in advance means you are excited about future reads. If you wait until you have finished your book, then you must find another before you can carry on. Creating a list of books that you aspire to read is also a good idea, so when it comes to your birthday or Christmas, you can ask for some as gifts. Once you have found an author or genre you like, there are plenty of recommendations and reviews on this website.

In a world full of technology, there is nothing better than sitting down with a good book. Following these four tips can help you start enjoying books.


This is a guest blog by Thomas Wiggins.

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