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5 Bookmarks We Absolutely Love

By April 18, 2015December 3rd, 2017Literature, Reading Habits

If you’re a voracious paper reader, then it’s almost inevitable that you own a few bookmarks. I’m often told I don’t need all the ones I have, but I really do as I leave them in my favourite passages in books so I can find them again (I keep meaning to buy those little sticky notes and I’m always flicking through the pages for a passage I want to read). Plus I often read several books at once! I have more bookmarks than I can count, although there is often a certain nostalgia in finding an old train ticket in a book, it’s also nice to see a bookmark you may have long forgotten.

Many of my own bookmarks are things my children have made for me, but I have lots that were gifts too and I often wonder if my friends compete to find the most unusual bookmarks for me. Based on my own collection, I thought I’d put together a list of bookmarks to rock your world, with links to grab one!

Albatros Bookmark

Sadly I can only find these in the US, but they are absolutely brilliant. Just stick the Albatros to the inside covers of your book and as you close the book, it always saves your page. These are fairly pricey for something you can’t move from book to book though!

Albatros Bookmark (US)

Finex Bookmark

I absolutely love it this! It’s essentially just a long, coloured elastic band with a hand and pointy finger. This is perfect if like me you’re always reading when doing other things (stirring dinner, standing waiting for a bus) and you often stop mid page.

Finex Bookmark (US)
Finex Bookmark (UK)

Fuck off I’m Reading Bookmark

At any time I’ll have a favourite bookmark and right now saving my place in my current novel is this, a gift from a friend last month. Not for the fainthearted, and not available in the US.

Fuck off I’m Reading Bookmark (UK)

Owl i-clip Bookmark

Look! Owls! No seriously, how cute are these? Plus sides, they’re magnetic, there are loads in the pack, they save your place on the page as well as saving your page, and they have cute owls on them. Owls! If you don’t like owls, they also do loads of other designs.

Owl i-clip Magnetic Bookmark (US)
Owl i-clip Magnetic Bookmark (UK)

50 Books to Read Before You Die Bookmark

We all need a little reading inspiration from time to time, so how about reading your way through your bookmark? This 50 books to read before you die bookmark offers plenty of inspiration!

50 Books to Read Before you Die Bookmark (US)
50 Books to Read Before you Die Bookmark (UK)

Kosha Feather Bookmark

Finally a bonus item for the man/woman who has everything. It’s ridiculously expensive, but look at it!

Kosha Feather Bookmark (US)
Kosha Feather Bookmark (UK)

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